First of the Seraphon models that I have painted. C&C r

Even More New Seraphon Models Coming for Age of Sigmar!

Adam Harrison 2 Minute Read Mar 23 2023 Advertisement The Seraphon are getting a massive rework and GW just showed off the rest of the miniatures updates! A new Seraphon Battletome is slated for release in the Summer and Games Workshop has the dino-hype train rolling. New Seraphon Models Aggradon Lancers Advertisement Scar-Veteran on Aggradon

Tons of New Seraphon Models Coming for Age of Sigmar!

Feb 11 2023 Advertisement The Seraphon are getting a new Battletome in the summer along with an update to their model range. Here's a few we hope made the jump! It wasn't that long ago since we got a new Lord Kroak model along with a few updates for the Seraphon.

New Seraphon models finally!! (Warhammer Underworlds) seraphon

Tons of new AoS Seraphon Models were revealed at the LVO 2023 preview, including the Slann Starmaster, Saurus Warriors, and more! GW just keeps the new Seraphon models coming! This is an excellent time to be a Seraphon fan, as they are getting one of the biggest reworks we've seen in a while for AoS.

NEW Seraphon Models for Age of Sigmar and Warhammer Underworlds

GW Up To 50% OFF! Here are the new Seraphon models and Battletome for Age of Sigmar that are all up for pre-order right now with their pricing and links. Get those hobby dollars ready if you want any of these new releases from Games Workshop that will go up for pre-order with your favorite retailers on Saturday, May 27th, 2023, around 1 pm EST!

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A bunch of new models have already been revealed, but that's not everything the lizardmen er Seraphon are getting! Aggradon Lancers First up, they are getting a new form of heavy cavalry that they said dwarfs the old models but didn't show too many size comparisons.

First of the Seraphon models that I have painted. C&C r

Mar 24 2023 Advertisement Games Workshop showed off the last batch of Seraphon models and we've gathered the range all in one place! The Seraphon army is getting a massive refresh and will be released in the summer. We've got the road map and all the models for you to drool over below. The Seraphon Hypetrain has left the station!

Tons of New Seraphon Models Coming for Age of Sigmar!


First completed model in my "Isla Nublar" Seraphon army. ⛱️🦖🌴 r

Blood Bowl has the best Seraphon models and it's about time Age of Sigmar got them. Alright GW, we need to talk. What's up with the Lizards in Blood Bowl looking so awesome while the Saurus of the Seraphon in Age of Sigmar are starting to look down right dated?

Tons of New Seraphon Models Coming for Age of Sigmar!

23 Mar 23 The Full Might and Majesty of the Seraphon is Revealed After a slow trickle of saurian standards, scorching artillery, and skink seers emerging from the spawning pools, the prehistoric patience of the Slann Starmasters has run out. Now is the time of scale and fang, celestial magics, and cold-blooded might.

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Last Updated on April 22, 2023 by FauxHammer Table of Contents show The Mortal Realms quake as the reptilian Seraphon bring the fight to their foes with a whole host of new miniatures in the latest set from Games Workshop. Get all the details in our Seraphon Army Set - Review and Miniatures First Look.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Seraphon New Releases

How likely are new Seraphon models/range refresh? Hi guys - I wanted your opinions on how likely is it Seraphon are to get some love from Games Workshop? I noted in the roadmap that there is supposed to be a new Order codex in the Autumn, any possibility it's for Seraphon? Plus some interesting plant-like teaser pics.

New Seraphon Models & Battletome FIRST LOOK

In this video, we'll be unveiling the new models for Seraphon - Age of Sigmar Adepticon!This Battletome update introduces a range of new models for Seraphon.

All the new Seraphon previews in one post. r/ageofsigmar

Tons of New Seraphon Models & Battletome Pricing CONFIRMED! While the army box was released already, getting all the models on their own is nice! So even if you grabbed the army box, there are plenty of new minis to grab. Plus, with such an extensive range refresh, there should be something for nearly every Seraphon player in the line.

NEW SERAPHON REVEALED! Best Models From The Adepticon Preview

The new Seraphon army set is heralding the largest Age of Sigmar range refresh we had in quite a while. All of the new sculpts are amazing, and with 21 all new models, a good balance of various troop types, and no old models to bulk up the box, the Seraphon army set is a great starting point for a new Seraphon collection.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Seraphon, all miniatures

The Seraphon have landed once again in Warhammer Age of Sigmar and are bringing their dinosaur-meets-Aztec vibe to the game with a host of new models.From Wizards who can unwrite some of the basic rules of the game, to hulking dino-men bearing heavy clubs, this week's batch of releases going up for pre-order is super-exciting.

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Games Workshop previewed a whole host of new models for the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Seraphon range at the Las Vegas Open livestream on January 27, including feathery new 'Raptodon Hunters' and 'Raptodon Chargers'.