1940 Australia Koala Postage Stamp,australia,australian stamp,koala,marsupial,australian fauna

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This piece is considered one of the rarest and most valuable lots in Australian philately. The block was exhibited at philatelic exhibitions in the Royal Philatelic Society in 2009 and at the International Exhibition in Melbourne in 2013. Inverted Swan Price realized: 171,543

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Standout stamps: Gwoya Tjungurrayi, King George V, the 'Lunch on the Harbour' seagull stamp, and a leafy seadragon Composite: Australia Post/Australia Post Punk Philatelist Sorted Stamps.

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Australia's rarest stamp, a twopenny King Edward VIII which was never issued, expected to spark

Many valuable and rare stamps have come out of Australia, with arguably the most notable being the "Inverted Swan" that was issued in 1855 by Western Australia, and featured one of the first invert errors to be seen in philately.

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The Australian Philatelic Federation (APF) cannot assist with buying, selling or swapping stamps but we do receive many requests for advice on this topic. To assist such enquirers the APF has produced series of Brochures offering general information and this is summarised below.

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The stamps had been sent to Sir William Vestey, the first Baron Vestey, who had a new enthusiasm for stamp collecting, having joined the Royal Philatelic Society some months before. Ash, unable to.

1940 Australia Koala Postage Stamp,australia,australian stamp,koala,marsupial,australian fauna

Australian Rarities Stamp Special One of only SIX known examples! Important, distinctive and rare, we are proud to present the George V Red 1d Die Proof. The equivalent of an early Australian predecimal Proof coin, this great Australian rarity is known by just six examples.

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Top 100 Rare Australian Stamps: An Exploration of History and Value August 21, 2023 Guides Valentina 2 mins read Key Takeaways: The rich tapestry of Australian history is reflected through its postage stamps. From colonial times to the 20th century, the rarity of certain stamps has significantly increased their value.

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Postal rates across Australia were unified in 1913, which brought an end to the former colonies' practice of issuing their own unique stamps. Probably the most iconic stamps of the early Commonwealth years are the kangaroo-and-map stamps, which appeared in 1912. While the stamp seems innocuous to 21st-century eyes, at the time it was used as.