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Bar Method

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Download the Bar Method iPhone App today to plan and schedule your Bar Method classes! From this iPhone App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing Bar Method promotions, as well as view studio’s location and contact information. Optimize your time and maximize the convenience of signing up for classes from your iPhone! Download this App today! Also be sure to check out our website at:



  • Ruined what worked and the aesthetic is boring

    By READ MINE!!!!!!!
    The app doesn’t work outside my home’s wi-if...bizarre. It worked so well before and as with so many things the changes don’t benefit the user at all. Also, the color is so bland...not a big deal but if the app at least looked better it would explain some of the changes. Go back to what worked!
  • App doesn’t work

    By Happgres145
    I have never been able to log on. It doesn’t even go to a login page. Just gives an error message. Grrrr
  • Not helpful

    By youNEEDtowatchthisshow
    I’m trying to view the schedule and when it asks for location it does not provide Alabama as an option.... even though that’s where my studio is???
  • Unable to even download this app.

    By Interkat
    I've been trying for days - can't even download it. Why is it even on the App Store?
  • Very good app

    By Maromelli
    It makes my class booking super easy and I love the reminders.
  • Excessive notifications

    By mcdk0314
    Not liking the fact that I can't disable text and email notifications in this latest version. Wish it could be made optional.
  • Ugh! The class is less painful

    By Bjk717
    This app update is so frustrating and has caused me to miss classes, cancellation windows, and have a hard time scheduling my workouts. It was never a great app but it worked. Now I can't log in - and compounding it, I can't log in on my computer either. Very Frustrating
  • Stop sending email!

    By owletmum
    The recent update sends email notifications every time I book a class, even though I very clearly and very deliberately do not have email notifications enabled. It is maddening.
  • Messy App Update

    By Fortune's Fool 8080
    this new version (released May 2017) caused a lot of confusion when i first logged on after the app update, and i got locked out of my accounts for a couple of days. after resetting my password i was finally able to get in, but now the unresolved issue is i'm unable to access all three of my accounts for The Bar Method (i have separate accounts for 3 different locations). the app is only recognizing one account, so i'm unable to book classes for the other two locations.
  • Unusable and frustrating

    By treats&snoozin'
    This newest version never keeps me logged in. Whenever I try to log in (using the only info I have ever used) I am told I already have an account and I should try logging in with that info. Will just keep using the website for the foreseeable future.