Morning Routine Habit Planner

Morning Routine Habit Planner

By Ubicolor Ltd

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2015-11-22
  • Current Version: 3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 37.39 MB
  • Developer: Ubicolor Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.1 or later.
Score: 4
From 135 Ratings


"It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently." -Tony Robbins The quality of your morning determines the rest of your day! Make sure it is as productive and focused as possible. Featured on Product Hunt : "Great Product! I find the mornings are a great time to make important decisions for the day" Key features : ● Create unlimited habits ● No need to watch the screen anymore! Enable Siri in the settings and get voice instructions instead ● Apple Watch Extension ● Build unlimited routines : Night Routine, School Routine, Gym interval Workout etc (requires IAP) ● Daily reminders ● Select weekdays per routine - i.e. Monday to Friday or weekends ● Build, adjust and track your routines to create the best habits in your life ● Set a time for each task once and re-use every day ● NEW: Select automatic switch or manual switch to next habit (allows overtime) >> BE MORE PRODUCTIVE The smart timer lets you know when to change from one activity to the other, even if your phone is locked, a notification will appear on your screen. >> BE MORE FOCUSED The most successful people in the world follow a morning routine that helps them focus on key activities and progress in life, to get to the top! >> TRACK HOW YOU SPEND YOUR TIME Check the stats for last week or last month using the stats. You realise you skipped meditation for a month : you know exactly what change you need to make! ● You can easily prevent the screen to lock automatically (just for this app) so the timer is always visible with the current activity ● Decide whether you want the iPhone to warn you with a sound alert or a vibration, or both (look in the settings) ● No usage of 3G data : this app doesn't need an internet connection. All data is saved on your phone and takes minimal space. We recommend having your phone on Airplane mode to avoid distractions during your routine. >> HELPS YOU FEEL BETTER It is scientifically proven that completing small tasks gives great satisfaction and positive thinking, that leads to better and faster completion of the more important ones. This also largely increases productivity. >> WHAT USERS SAY : "Great idea and design. I try to be more effective in the morning but my time managment isn't good. :)" ● "Super helpful. Love not having to think about order of my routine each day. Good work!" ● "I was one of the people who complained about the ugly design of the app. The redesign looks much better. " (Thank you!) If you have read books like The Miracle Morning, The Slight Edge, The Compound Effect but struggled to implement the action steps, and want a tool to help you track your time and habits + create new ones, this app was made for you! DOWNLOAD TODAY TO SEE GREAT IMPROVEMENTS IN YOUR LIFE!



  • Nice basic app, but needs more for the money

    By mndewdrop
    It is a fairly expensive app first of all. It does its basic job well, but not sure it’s worth the $12. It’d be great if there were a way to copy and/or move a habit between routines.
  • Still a little glitchy

    By Mason3k
    I have the same complaint as a lot of people, even on the latest version: why can't you mark tasks as complete by moving to the next task early? That should automatically complete the task. Also, the progress bar at the top does not seem to calculate the time I am projected to finish my routine, which seems like a simple thing to get right. I would like the overhead bar to project when I will finish my routine based on the time I have taken to do the tasks so far + any overdue time for completed tasks (this should be in blue) and estimate the completion time based on if I finish my upcoming tasks on time. Lastly, the settings menu UI is not very appealing at all and does not seem cohesive with the rest of the app's design, which is beautiful.
  • Best routine app I’ve tested

    By mkduran
    Update: thanks for the response!!! The developer is awesome! Looking forward to future updates! The app is great and after a couple of weeks using it, it’s made a noticeable difference. Original review: I downloaded four routine apps to try and this had the most intuitive and aesthetic interface. I like the ability to create multiple routines and the ability to add unlimited tasks. The visibility of the timer for each task and notifications and Siri warnings is fantastic! I would love the ability to “copy and paste” one of my routines into a new one or be able to share my actual routine via a similar method to text message so I can send to my friends
  • Changes

    By Virislara4salas
    The app used to allow repeated habits in a routine , this is essential for people that can’t do a task for more than 20-30 minutes. For example in a workout routine you might jog then run and repeat for x amount of minutes. This used to be possible. But now that I wanted to create a new study routine with breaks in between I can’t. It won’t allow the same habit twice in a routine. That aspect has been removed.
  • Great idea but has some problems

    By jenniferwest502
    I really like this app, it’s great for my pre-caffeine self to not forget anything. But there are a few annoyances, most importantly that the pause button doesn’t actually pause. Need to take a break because you’re taking a work call? Too bad. When you’ve unpaused the routine, it skips ahead to where you would have been if it had kept going, regardless of what that means you’ve skipped. Also, adding tasks to a routine is a little clunky - for some reason it always adds new tasks 3rd in the routine, not the bottom, so you have to scroll all the way up to move it where it goes. Other than these things, it’s a good idea, but I might be looking for an alternative.
  • Abandoned? - Squandered Potential

    By SelfSufficient
    App has great UI and possibility to be best in the routine space, but I get the sense this is a side project for dev and they don't put the time into it that it needs to be better. Submitted suggestions a long time ago but none have been incorporated. Hasn't been updated in 6 months, so of course no iPhone X UI updates, let alone the suggestions. I'd avoid until Dev shows a clear pattern of regular updates.
  • Very well done

    By admon7
    An effective way to keep track of what goes on in the morning. Could use a short tutorial.
  • Now I like it

    By AngelsRoses
    I remember how Disappointed I was when I bought this app years ago, but now with all updates I can say how Beautiful and Useful this app has become and I no longer see myself without it as I morning helper. Thank you guy for improving so much. Now it’s worthy.
  • Good concept, glitchy

    By drewskynator
    The app itself is a good concept. However, it’s functionality is limited and there’s not way to contact developers for help. For instance, I can’t delete a routine or duplicate an entire routine. The app also stopped allowing me to use my own pictures for my routines. Not worth $2.99. Update: I finally found the really hard to find contact email and the developer sent me a kind email.
  • Awesome w/ potential fa better

    By N3120n
    ❣️⏲ Hey App maker absolutely loved this app. Would you please take this review into serious consideration. It’s always amazing when you find an app that does precisely what you’re looking for after a long search on the App Store. My rule of thumb is to only mess with the best and this was one of em’, actually my top 10 must have. Unfortunately so many times great apps takes a huge turn & kills off one of their unique futures when re-designing or going social or discontinuing their support for their app entirely. In addition to the clean & simple straightforward design of this app being able to view & assign individual habits a day of the week is something no other pomodoros based app has done. I use the Morning Routine app for exactly that my Morning Routine. It’s nice going through my morning mindlessly on a preset queue instead of tracking time and worrying about such and such. Plucking out or adding an extra step to my morning regimen was a breeze because it was easier to manage before the 3.0.0 update. I don’t expect my review to get any future reverted but at the very least I think I speak on everyone’s behalf when I ask. Could you make a saved habit accessible throughout their entire app instead of within a single routine? It would be a big deal for ease of management And I must say especially with the autostart this app will absolutely be on fire if it had an Apple Watch app to go along with it even if I have to pay extra for that future. Plz respond, thx (3.5⭐️)